Able Design and Avon Technology Introduces New Automated Label and Print System


Mountain View, CA - January 15, 2010 - Able Design ( and Avon Technology ( have gotten together to develop a label and print solution for small packages, such as those required by FLASH memory manufacturers and CD/DVD packaging companies.  "Of course the new machine can be used in many other markets" said Chuck Huie, Avon Technology president.  "The system can be used with SSDs, game modules, memory modules, ID cards, 'clam shell' cases for memory cards, and many more packaging types."

The M1082-2P uses an ImTech print engine and reliable ink cartridges from HP.  The unit works with HP inks as well as UV curable inks from ImTech.  ImTech's UV LED curable provides for wide label materials and device compatibility as it prints and adheres to a wide variety of non-porous and/or difficult substrates.  The industry standard HP 45 cartridge delivery systems provides for HP reliability and low costs.  ImTech is licensed to fill new, original HP 45 cartridges with its patent pending UV ink formulations.

"The M1082-2P is an extension of our hugely successful M1052 and M1062 series label machines.  The base was lengthened to allow room for the added print head and optional up stacker." said John Meadows, Able Design President and Chief Engineer.  The M1082-2P has an accuracy of +- .005" with excellent repeatability, speed is around 4000 devices per hour, and comes with removable hoppers.  "Our customers ask for the ability to print and permanently mark onto their devices and labels.  We listened and that's how we came to develop the M1082-2P." said Chuck Huie. An included informative front panel display simplifies the operation of the machine by providing an adaptive menu system to operate, adjust, and maintain the machine. Detailed help is also quickly made available with a touch of a button.

The M1082-2P is available from Avon Technology for customers in the Americas and Asia.  For our European and other customers, the M1082-2P is available from Multi Media Replication (, a distributor based in Andover, Hampshire, England.

Able Design Inc. is an accomplished automation company that has become a leading provider of FLASH memory label applicators for the FLASH memory markets. Their label applicators support all types of FLASH devices including SD, MMC, CF, and PCMCIA memory cards. Customers include leading manufacturers of FLASH memory cards such as SanDisk, SimpleTech, PDP Systems, and Dane-Elec. The company also provides custom mechanical design services and a wide variety of CD/DVD printing and duplication equipment. Able Design Inc. has been developing and manufacturing industrial-grade automation equipment since 1979.  For more information on Able Design, visit

Avon Technology, Inc. is a leading provider of automated label applicators, laser marking systems, and CD/DVD production systems.  Partnering with industry leaders to provide the best solutions for customers.  Besides providing their customers with excellent equipment and systems, Avon Technology also provides on-site training, integration, and repair services.  They strive to continue to provide their customers with best in class customer service.  Their expertise in hardware, software, and product integraton continues to assist their customers with their problems.  Providing them with solutions they need.  For more information on Avon Technology, visit

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Corvallis, Oregon, ImTech provides specialty inks, printing systems and related consulting and engineering services for inkjet applications.  Its products are available worldwide, ranging from piezo and thermal inkjet development and characterization tools to HP industrial coders, bulk systems and inks.  As an OEM inkjet partner with HP's Specialty Printing Systems Division, ImTech is licensed to fill new, original HP 45 cartridges.  The company's ink solutions include UV curable inks for use in TIJ products, as well as applications-specific and customs inks to address unique needs.  For more information on ImTech, visit

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